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Rappahannock Masonry
  • Gloucester
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  • Newport News
  • New Kent
  • Hampton
  • Whitestone

Rappahannock Concrete Corporation was founded in September 1961 by John L. (Zeke) Finney. Finney, a VMI graduate, realized his dream of owning his own business when he purchased a small ready-mix concrete operation located in Saluda Virginia from Ruffin and Payne of Richmond. Zeke relocated the company in 1962 to his own property in Saluda. In 1963 he expanded the business to Gloucester, Virginia, its present day headquarters.

Scott Finney, eldest son of Mr. Finney, worked for the company throughout his teen years. After graduating from Hampden-Sydney College, Scott worked for Ferguson Enterprises in Lexington, Kentucky. He returned to Gloucester in 1987 to assume control of the company. Under his leadership Rappahannock Concrete expanded to include plants in New Kent, White Stone, Newport News and Hampton.

Cara Finney Randolph, Zeke’s daughter, joined the family business in 1988 and is presently secretary/treasurer.

Tyler B. Johnson, current vice president and general manager, was hired in 1992. He now handles daily operations.

Rusty Mitchem hired March 2000 currently is the Sales Manager.

Dale Mitchem hired March 2002 manages the Gloucester location and is the trucking manager.

Dave Guerrero hired April 2005 is currently the Peninsula District Manager.

Willie Hogge current Saluda location manager was hired October 2004.

Randy Reeves current Whitestone location manager was hired in October 2002.

Preston Petke currently manager of the New Kent location was hired in August 1999.